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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Useful Softwares and Tools and Make Money

Just found a site where you can download over 50,000 freewares and sharewares. They are nicely categorized, so it's easy to get softwares you need. Followings are the categories that you can search your favorite softwares from -
-Antivirus & Spyware Cleaners
-Desktop Enhancements
-Home & Education
-MP3 Audio Video
-Photo & Graphic
-System Utilities
-Business & Finance
-Network tools
-Software Development
-Web Authoring

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

6 Tips for website design

1. Don’t make your site look good just in one browser. You have to realize that a lot of people are using a lot of different browsers. Try to optimize your site for as many different browsers as you can.

2. Don’t use to many colors on your website. Rather than that use nice color scheme which you can find at many sites. Here are just some of them: color scheme generator, color schemer, kuler, …

3. Don’t use start page. It makes people loose interest, because they must click to enter your site. They want to see information as quickly as possible and one more click could be the one that drive your users away.

4. Use well known standards when designing layout. Don’t put your main menu at the bottom of the website. Try to follow these pointers. Put title of the page at the top, top-left, top-right, main menu should be under the title/logo or left/right of the title/logo, remaining space should be content and under the content footer.

5. Make sure you use enough white space. Don’t throw content to close together as it will be unreadable. Use margin and padding to separate content.

6. It would be nice if your code could pass w3c standards.

How to Recover a Corrupted Windows XP

I bet most of you would have seen the Bluescreen Windows Error which comes up whenever something unexpected happens but probably most of you did not know that it is called the Blue Screen of Death. It usually comes around after encountering a critical system error which can cause the system to shut down to prevent damage.

Bluescreens can be caused by poorly written device drivers, faulty memory, a corrupt registry, an incompatible Dynamic-link library (DLL), or the computer overheating.

After encountering such a Bluescreen error, most non-tech savvy computer users give up and assume that a serious issue has corrupted Windows and thus it needs a reinstall. However that is not the case mostly and Windows can be recovered into its original state by performing a little tweak called the Disk Checkup.


Windows XP installation CD
Whenever you experience such a Bluescreen error and after many tries you see that Windows is not starting up you can perform a disk checkup following the steps below:

Restart your computer
Boot from your Windows XP installation CD
Press R to open the Windows XP Recovery Console
Type CHKDSK /R and press enter (wait patiently till the whole recover/repair process is completed)
Type BOOTCFG to fix any problems in your boot.ini file
Restart your computer again and press/hold the F8 key
Select “Last Known Good Configuration” and press enter
After this your Windows should work fine and properly.

Note: This tip intends to help you recover a corrupted Windows XP and does not tell you how to repair your Windows XP installation. There is difference in in “recovering” and “repairing” when we are dealing with Windows OS.

Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Almost a week ago, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was released to manufacturing and in just a couple of days it was leaked to torrents.

There was a high probability that we would be seeing a Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1 trick soon and finally here it is. WinBeta shared the actual trick while DownloadSquad was fast enough to publicize it.

According to all the sources, Microsoft has already posted a disc image on its OEM partner site. The disc image weighs in at 1.2GB and contains a full version of Windows Vista SP1. The link to download is provided below.

Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Note: Disc will be required to perform a clean install and if you experience a slow download speed thats probably because Microsoft servers are being hammered right now by users attempting to download Vista SP1.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Karnataka's heartthrob Ganesh secretly marries

Karnataka's latest heartthrob, Golden Star Ganesh tied the knot with his girlfriend of two years, Shilpa Barkur at her residence in Bangalore's JP Nagar late on Monday night. The star had originally planned a grand wedding on February 18, but owing to calls by his female fans allegedly threatening suicide, Ganesh and his family opted to change plans, leaving scores of his fans shocked. “We are shocked.
We think he married a bit too early,” a fan lamented. While another fan said, “We are happy for him and wish him a happy married life. But we did not expect this.” The couple got married in a small ceremony, which was attended by family and close friends. Ganesh shot to stardom with his 2007 film Mungaaru Male which broke all records, earning Rs 75 crores. His other films like Chellata and Gaalipattu were also box office hits. But is this hasty marriage going to affect his acting career? His fans think otherwise. “No I think he has is talented and the marriage will not affect him,” a fan said. However, not everyone was as charitable to the actor. “Hereafter no girl will watch his movies, maybe boys will go for his film,” an angry fan said.
Shilpa and Ganesh were introduced by friends a couple of years ago, although some reports suggest that they have only been together for eight months and that the marriage was arranged.
Shilpa hails from Brahmavar in Udupi district and her parents live in Dubai, where her father is a businessman and where Shilpa also studied at the Oxford School.
Buzz is that Shilpa is a divorcee with a child and they have moved into Ganesh’s residence in Nagarabhavi.

Watch the video below

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Uploading a Web Site

Uploading a Web Site
You have created a Web Site with HTML( ). Now you need to upload it to a Web Server so that the other people on the internet can also see it. For uploading your website you need web space on the internet. Then you require a Web Server to upload your files onto.Browsers and Web Servers use a protocol to communicate with each other. A protocol is a method to start a communication session for transferring data. It also use to terminate the session. Protocols are two types: FTP: File Transfer Protocol and HTTP: Hyper Text Transport Protocol. These protocols are used to upload or download data. Between these two, FTP provides a faster and persistent connection.Some organizations provide web space free of cost for students, teachers and researchers. However for commercial purpose you have to purchase a web space.Before going to uploading your website you have to find out the following information:1. What will be your web site address2. What will be the name of your upload profile3. What is your choice to upload i.e. FTP or HTTP .4. What will be your user ID and passwordUploading or Downloading Files Using FTP:Starting of FTP Session
Step:1: Open the Windows screen, click on the start button, then click on Run.

Step:2: In the Run dialog box type: C:\WINDOWS\FTP . you will get MS-DOS window and a prompt ftp>

Step:3: Now type the commandftp>OpenFor ‘’ you have to type the following command ftp>

Step:4: Then you will be prompted to enter the Login ID and Password. You will be permitted to logon if you are an authorized user. You can also log on as an anonymous user by filling in the username as anonymous and password as your e-mail address. But being an anonymous user you are only allowed to download a file. You are not permitted to upload files.

Step:5: To upload a file through ftp use the following command
ftp> put ftp> mput ……
(for multiple files upload)

Step:5: To down load a file just after logging in to an ftp session for downloading the files, check the directory listing to see the path of the files to be downloaded. You can view the present working directory with the following command
ftp> pwd For changing the directory the ftp>cd command can be given. After locating the file name and path type the following command to download filesftp> get orftp> mget
(for multiple files>Generally files are downloaded in binary mode or ASCII mode. File is downloaded in the ASCII mode. To download a file in the binary form, the following command can be given:ftp>binaryfor ASCII modeftp>ascii
Step:6: To end the FTP session type the commandftp>close
Read createfreewebsite for more information regarding uploading your website. The link for createfreewebsite is

Adding Second Sidebar to Beta.Blogger

Adding Second Sidebar to Beta.Blogger

Most of the beta blogs are of two columns- i.e. one main column and a sidebar. If you have ample numbers of articles you may feel trouble for space. You may seek for second sidebar or 3 columns template so that you can balance the items in the two columns. Beta blogger is more advance with some extra features. You can easily drag the items and place it as per your choice. Here I am going to show you how you can change your two columns active blog to 3-columns blog i.e. one main column with two sidebars.

Step 1: On your dash board click on layout. Then click on template. Open HTML.

Step 2: In the Beta blogger template there are 3 CSS wrapper. a. The #outer-wrapper(entire blog), b. the main-wrapper (main column) and the c. sidebar-wrapper(sidebar). You have to include a #newsidebar wrapper. Each wrapper is of different width. Keep in mind that the width of outer wrapper should greater than total width of main column and sidebar(s). Suppose the width of outer wrapper is 800px then total width of columns must be less than 800px. You may fix the width of sidebars 150px each and main –wrapper 450px that means less than the width of outer wrapper 800px{800px>450px+150px+150px)}. The width may be in percentage also. You have to adjust it similarly.

Step 3: Now set the float property. If your existing sidebar-wrapper is float:right, you have to set the newsidebar-wrapper as float:left and vic-versa for setting the sidebars in two sides. Just copy the existing sidebar and paste it under the existing sidebar and change the float property i.e. left should be changed to right and vice-versa. Adjust the width according to the guidelines stated above.
Here is the example
#outer-wrapper {

width: 800px;



#main-wrapper {

width: 450px;



#sidebar-wrapper {

width: 150px;

float: right;



#newsidebar-wrapper {

width: 150px;

float: left;


Step 4: Now go to div section in the body of the main template. If the existing sidebar-wrapper is under the main-wrapper, you have to set it above the main-wrapper and vice-versa. Just copy and paste and edit according to the requirement. Then Save it.
Now your two sidebar blog is ready. You may use Minima template by Douglas Bowman for easy handling. Enjoy 3-columns blog.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


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